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Knowing About Jewish Holidays Is A Good Idea
Monday, 6 June 2011
Knowing About Jewish Holidays Is A Good Idea
The Jewish religion is one of he older religions in the world today and due to that, there are a very large number of traditions that apply to those who practice this faith, but they are easy to learn about these days. Even if you are not part of the Jewish faith yourself, it is a very good idea to learn what you can because we all benefit when we are able to know more about the cultural traditions of people from other walks of life. One good thing about discovering more about the Jewish holidays is that if you work with or employ anyone who is from this faith, you will be able to more readily understand how their faith affects their working life. When you take the time to discover more, you will see that there are quite a few holidays out there that Jewish people celebrate and get a lot good from. These are all holidays that have been historically important to Jewish life for hundreds of years and remain so today, as well. You will start to notice, too, that these holidays do end up being celebrated on different days each year since they are part of a different calendar than the one most Westerners are familiar with.

Chanukah is one popular holiday that a great many people will most likely know about since it tends to be the Jewish festive day that gets the most publicity. One other holiday for Jewish people is Passover, which is in the Spring & celebrated around the same time as the Christians celebrate Easter. Passover is a holiday that those in the Jewish faith are not permitted to work during, although that is not true for every holiday they celebrate. During the Fast of Esther, for instance, people are indeed permitted to work and there are other holidays that are like this, as well. Once you begin to look into these holidays, you will see that each year you will need to learn when they will be celebrated for that year since it does change.

One great thing about the modern era we live in is that it is so much easier to learn about Jewish culture thanks to online resources. Easy research will teach you a great deal about all the aspects of Judaism. Of course, practitioners of the faith are always welcome to contact a rabbi if they need specific information regarding the practicing of the customs associated with each holiday. All of these great sources of information definitely make it quite a bit easier to be informed about all things tied with Jewish traditions.

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Posted by tychapman24 at 11:08 AM EDT
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